I started this blog journey two years ago. I had so much fun while i was photoshooting for new posts with my friends. It’s a great  experience, full of fun, travelling, finding new friends etc. I just wanted to say that I’m thankful to all my supporters!

For me, it’s a huge pleasure to attend on Fashion Weekend in Skopje. On the 3rd day of FWSK I celebrated my 2nd blog anniversary:

11094185_823514524369110_1333145962_n 11116120_823514504369112_1685689019_n 11126501_823513127702583_1969895054_n 11130728_823512861035943_1642587295_n 11132136_823513581035871_977215167_n 11139679_823512657702630_1167468940_n 11139688_823512001036029_1914368928_n tumblr_lq6zz04TfD1r1n2j7o1_500


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